The presence of a uniformed security officers is the most effective way of deterring criminals. Our guards are fully uniformed and are professional and friendly.

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We ensure that our patrol unit attends to your alarm in a speedy and efficient way. Our trained officers will inspect your premises and reset false alarm or …

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Our Mobile Patrols unit includes scheduled and random Patrols of your premises. Our uniformed officers in Highly visible vehicles will watch your premises in the way you want.

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We are committed to sustaining the highest degree of integrity internally and in our client relationships.

We do not use contractors or sub contract work. Customers can rely on us to be objective because we have no interest in promoting anything other than our services.

We are providers of security man-power and do not consult in other areas. We are highly focused on the security manpower discipline.

Auckland Security Services

When thinking about safety in your property you need to consider what security system will work best for you. Here at Active Security Services we understand the hard work you put into your business and home is important, so we place a huge emphasis on respecting this and the role we provide to help you. Under the protection we can offer, you can be sure you will drastically improve the safety of your area and possessions. Working with our team can guarantee health and safety in the areas we monitor, and with our wide-ranging services and skillsets we can provide a comprehensive solution to any security threats that you may be facing.

As a leading provider of security systems in Auckland we undertake the important task of ensuring the welfare of whatever it is we are charged to protect. Our services range from providing uniformed static guards, alarm response callouts, security monitoring mobile patrols and any event security you may need. The presence of our team in your location is sure to keep you safe. With our friendly and experienced employees you can rest assured that you will feel comfortable and secure around our guys.

In a changing world problems can arise with the evolving understanding of crime, safety and valuables. At this time we can often find ourselves at the mercy of those who wish to harm or take from us. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the hand of anti-social behaviour. With the assistance of us and under our experienced consultation, preventative measures can be put in place for the protection you require.

Our company is built on the understanding that a concentrated, dedicated and focused approach to our clients is essential in the delivery of our service. With an intimate team of experienced and highly-trained staff we pride ourselves on our exceptional service and quality protection. We’re independent in that we don’t employ contractors or sub-contract work. All our workers are members of our close-knit supervised team, allowing us to stay focused in our tasks. We believe discipline is key in the provision of security services, a strong focus on the task at hand is all important to maintaining security, hence why all our knowledgeable employees are strongly committed to their position.

The services we offer vary from alarm system responses to static guards. We take every job we perform seriously and our team works together to provide the service you deserve. Whether it’s an emergency or not, the ability to have your needs responded to by a security professional provides a required sense of comfort. In a crisis it’s necessary to have your alarm call out seen to quickly, every second counts and at Active Security our unit is geared to protect you rapidly in your time of need.

The biggest proven deterrent of crime is the presence of a security guard. Charged with the duties of protecting a person, event, or area a static guard is guaranteed to lower any risk of criminal activity you may experience. Our uniformed guards (the best wireless security system money can buy) are highly accredited, experienced professionals with a passion for what they do. All our team members are backed by the assistance of a mobile patrol unit, should they require. Our team can worry about your safety, so you don’t have to.

A mobile patrol provides the service of checking in on your property, at scheduled or random times that ensure the security of the location. A mobile patrol is able to perform internal and external checks, make sure the premises is secure and provide the service of staff welfare monitoring and escorts. Our mobile patrol team is highly thorough in their performance of these tasks and you can trust with the assistance we offer you, the areas you designate are kept safe at night.

Burglars are opportunists by nature; their success relies on taking advantage of your weak-points and extorting them for their own gain. Security systems work on a simple principle; to ensure the protection of points of access and other vulnerable places that can be cause for breaches in your property. Through the engagement of Active Security Services we can protect you against robberies and criminal activity putting your property at risk. In our care your location will be secure and guarded against these opportunists and drastically lower the risk of any loss that may occur.

You need security when your business or home may be at risk for behaviour that can harm you or the things you own. Although New Zealand is considered to be a safe place to work and live in, bad things still happen, and they usually occur when a premises is empty. We can make sure the skills provided to you by our capable team, keep your properties safe and secure, even when you’re not there.

All families and organisations should practise good security. With rising crime rates and other concerns in New Zealand and especially Auckland, it has become incredibly important to think about keeping things that matter safe, both people and property. When considering good security here are the things you should make priority:

  • A good security team will always maintain clear lines of communication with the client. Here at Active Security we offer 24/7 phone support for our customers, with a line that directs straight to the guy in charge. Our friendly guards are always ready to talk about any issues you may have and through our concentrated attention on the task at hand we always hold a close connection with our clients.
  • Expertise comes from experience and knowledge of the industry you work in. Our team always maintains a high level of service in their roles. They are true professionals in their field because of the calibre of experience they have in security and the code of conduct that we adhere to.
  • In stressful situations it can be difficult to remain calm and practice correct action. Remaining respectful and maintaining lawful protocol is essential in security practise. Our staff never over step boundaries, with a good understanding of their responsibility our people are professional in the service that they provide.

We’re focused in our field of specialisation, as providers of security manpower we hold our responsibility of providing safety and protection close to our core values. The Active Security team is competent and confident in their abilities and as a small and disciplined unit we never compromise our standards by spreading ourselves too thin. When you choose to work with us we can promise you a great standard of security service. Here’s what you can expect from your dedicated team at Active Security Services:

  • Experienced and reliable professionals who are happy to assist with any of your safety concerns. Under our guidance of our trained team your security will be handled with integrity and hyper focus.
  • Our competence and knowledge in protective services will provide you with the confidence you need to sleep soundly at night. Under the watchful eye of our staff you can rest assured knowing your trust is in competent hands.
  • Clear, friendly and accommodating communication that keeps you in the know about the progress of your service. We always maintain a high standard of dialogue with our clients and when you work with us you know we will always maintain a good relationship with you.
  • A comprehensive service that protects you from any undesirable activity. The employment of our capable team puts you in a position where your worries are taken care of.