Construction Site Security in Auckland

Prevent Vandalism and Equipment Theft with Expert Security Solutions

Protect Building and Construction Sites with Our Guards

At times, construction sites can be vulnerable to vandalism and theft. With large projects, in particular, managing the protection of equipment and staff can be a challenge. Active Security are well-equipped to handle construction site security with the expertise of our guards. Working with our specialised professionals guarantees protection from criminal activity. All our guards are approved by the New Zealand Police and the Department of Justice; they’re highly trained and always maintain a great quality of service that you should expect from your security. We work together to maintain the safety of your site with a friendly approach that will make you feel at ease.

The procedures that we put in place for your security are top of the line in safety and preventative measures. Construction site guards are able to make sure that any locations are protected through their quality training and 24/7 support. We believe that planning and a good backing of our team will ensure the security of your needs.

Repairing any damage and replacing stolen materials is expensive and time-consuming. With the presence of guards, you’re preventing the possibility of any problems arising in the first place. Trust Active Security for the best in construction site protection in Auckland.




Why Us



Security never sleeps. We operate our services throughout the day and night to cover our customers when they need it most.


Working with us guarantees professionalism from security experts that are passionate and meticulous about what they do.


Our services are competitively priced to offer our clients a fair and affordable solution to their security needs. Working with our team guarantees low costs without sacrificing quality.


Customer Service

We always conduct our job with the utmost respect for construction staff and site guests. Our commitment to security includes impeccable customer service.

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Selecting our team for your unique needs attains industry-leading professionals to assist with your security requirements. Talk to us today for top-tier solutions.


Our numbers speak for themselves. Active Security’s commitment to our craft has provided a plethora of clients with solutions for many different settings.  


Events are at the forefront of our specialised services. Our event security services are trusted for our attention to detail and planning.