At times, construction sites can be vulnerable to vandalism and theft. With large projects in particular, managing the protection of equipment and staff can be a challenge. Active Security are well-equipped to handle construction site security with the expertise of our guards. Working with our specialised professionals guarantees protection from criminal activity.

All our guards are approved by the New Zealand Police and the Department of Justice; they’re highly trained and always maintain a great quality of service that you should expect from your security. We work together to maintain the safety of our team with a friendly approach that will make you feel at ease.

The main duties of a security guard include: maintaining vigilance, responding quickly and correctly during a crisis, monitoring a property, providing warnings and always reporting and getting help whenever it’s required. With us you can always be sure that Active Security will provide the best service for your safety. You take your property and protection seriously so naturally we take this responsibility as a priority.

The procedures that we put in place for your security are top of the line in safety and preventative measures. Construction site guards are able to make sure that any locations are protected through their quality training and 24/7 support. We believe that planning and a good backing of our team will ensure the security of your needs.

Repairing any damage and replacing stolen materials is expensive and time-consuming. With the presence of guards you’re preventing the possibility of any problems arising in the first place. We’ve all used the trick of leaving a light on when we’re away to make it seem like somebody is home. By stationing our guards, you’re effectively pulling together a much more secure way of ensuring your location is always safe, day and night.