Event Security in Auckland

Ensure Your Event Runs Smoothly with Experienced Event Security Experts

Looking for Licensed Event Security Guards in Auckland? Active Patrols & Guards Ltd Can Help

Active Patrols & Guards Ltd provides trained guards with current security guard licences to make any event safe. We work with clients on an agreed budget to provide peace of mind for a variety of settings. From music festivals to sporting events and corporate functions, our team can provide the necessary protection for the best experience possible.

Our team understands the importance of facilitating a comfortable environment for guests to enjoy the events they are attending. Our trained professionals are highly capable in their stationed scenarios, navigating the dynamics of public events with ease. Prioritising safety at all times, Active Patrols & Guards Ltd is the optimum partner for ensuring a smooth-running event in Auckland.




Why Us


Health and Safety

For any event, health and safety should always be a priority. Our guards are a key component in operating a seamless and safe environment.


We work in collaboration with existing event staff and operators to ensure the best possible outcome for your event.


Customer Service

We always conduct our job with the utmost respect for guests and event operators. Our commitment to security includes impeccable customer service.


Our commitment to competitive pricing allows you to work within event budget constraints while still attaining the best service on the day.

Trust the Best

Our proven solutions have helped thousands of diverse local companies with their security needs. Relying on Active Patrols & Guards Ltd guarantees protection and peace of mind.


With over two decades of experience, there is little that surprises our team. Our track record and customer satisfaction are what has established us as Auckland’s premier security company.  


Our large network of accredited, trained and experienced security professionals allows us to deliver our outstanding solutions to our clients.