Uniformed Static Guards

Protect Your Premises with Expert Security Solutions

Hire Certified Static Guards in Auckland

The presence of uniformed guards is the most effective way of deterring criminals. Our guards are professional, friendly and ready to handle any of the security challenges you may be facing. All our static guards have our mobile patrol unit as a backup should they require. Our guards are accredited, experienced and constantly maintain professionalism at all times.

We know the importance of maintaining safe premises and with our highly trained guards, we are able to protect your property for you. With the presence of our uniformed guards, we are able to ensure that you and your business is kept safe. The Active Security team provides expert solutions to a range of diverse environments.

Our people pride themselves in the work they do. We learn about your business, get to know your people and are always happy to help in any additional security services you may need.




Why Us


The mere presence of our uniformed guards is effective in reducing the likelihood of any crime occurring.

Peace of Mind

With the employment of static guard, you can rest assured that your assets are closely protected under an experienced and watchful eye.



Our experts constantly monitor your site to deter and halt criminals from stealing, damaging or loitering sensitive areas and property.


Working with us guarantees professionalism from security experts that are passionate and meticulous about what they do.

Trust the Best

Our proven solutions have helped thousands of diverse local companies with their security needs. Relying on Active Security guarantees protection and peace of mind.


With over two decades of experience, there is little that surprises our team. Our track record and customer satisfaction are what has established us as Auckland’s premier security company.  


Our large network of accredited, trained and experienced security professionals allows us to deliver our outstanding solutions to our clients.