The presence of uniformed security officers is the most effective way of deterring criminals. Our guards are fully uniformed and are professional and friendly. All our static guards have our Mobile Patrol unit as their backup should they require. Our guards are accredited and experienced with a professional outlook.

Your hard earned possessions are valuable to you, and our static guards understand this. With the increasing rise of crime in New Zealand, some businesses have learned the hard way that having an effective security system in place is essential for the protection of your property. Don’t let your premises fall victim to crime; our team at Active Security Services can provide professional and friendly security with reliable and focused service.

We know the importance of maintaining safe premises and with our highly trained guards we are able to protect your property for you. With the presence of our uniformed guards we are able to ensure that you and your business is kept safe.

We are a close-knit team that work together to maintain security of our clients. A mobile patrol unit backs our static guards so they are provided with support in case of an emergency. This gives you peace of mind that our team can watch out for you.

Why Hire An Active Security Static Guard?

Our team of security guards are specialists in safety of your site. We know that with the visibility of our uniformed team you are guaranteed safety from any anti-social behaviour. Security adds a level of vigilance that is invaluable in the protection of your assets. When you work with us you know that our presence will keep you out of harms way.

In a small community such as New Zealand, neighbours’ watching out for each other is ingrained in our culture. That’s why our team carries such a heavy emphasis on the importance of working closely and keeping each other safe. We work together in a focused team on a select group of clients to maintain an attentive watch, without spreading our people too thin. As a security guard service provider you can be sure that we are here to watch out for you.

Static guards are highly trained, uniformed professionals stationed on location to provide security to you. The presence of security persons is the most effective means of protection that you can have for your home, event or business. With the employment of one of our guards you can rest assured the location we’re charged to protect would be kept safe and sound. Under the watch of a static guard properties are defended against any one who may wish to cause harm. With Active Security Services you can trust you’re in capable and qualified hands.

Why Us?

Dealing with danger can be scary. It’s hard to focus on your work or enjoy downtime when you’re worried about the safety of your properties, your employees, your family or yourself. Choosing to hire a static guard can relieve all of the stress that goes into maintaining security. Trusting our team can provide you with the solutions you need to your safety concerns.

Our Experience and Qualifications

In an emergency, a static guard must be able to react correctly and quickly to maintain the security of the premises. It can be a high-pressure job and for that reason our guards are always experienced and qualified for the job they’re undertaking. As mentioned, we prefer to work in close team with a strong focus on the clients we’re employed by. This allows us to always keep your protection a priority. We never compromise standards by overworking our team and they’re always provided with the support they need if necessary.

Your property should never be put at risk by the standard of your security. So it’s important when considering a company to always check for the credentials required in their field. It’s all too common in this industry to find unqualified people performing the important task of providing security. Luckily for you, all our team is certified and trained, with most static guards holding certification for level three or above security. You can be confident in our ability to maintain safety.

Communication is essential when dealing with safety. That’s why the police are always equipped with radio technology to keep the ability to request backup available. Our team works in a similar way. We understand that sometimes a guard may need help, or need to report a crisis. This enhances the service we are able to offer you, working in a team drastically increases the protection of your property. This emphasis on communication also crosses over in our handling of clients, we keep lines open between you and us- and we are always available to answer any possible questions you may have on our 24-hour phone line.

What You Can Expect From Us

Front-line static guards need to be approachable and have a good attitude. It can be a tiring job watching out for crime, but our team is passionate about providing security for you. Active static guards are friendly and helpful in their position and are always happy to provide assistance for any of your safety needs onsite. We also maintain an all-hours number that you can use for any queries. The bonus of working with a small company is that your security will always be our priority.

The guards we send to you will know what they’re doing. There’s no room for error in security, even a small mistake can have big consequences for you or your business. We understand this, and always train and maintain our guards to keep them skilled and relevant to the industry. Our people will be qualified and you can be assured that this will ensure the safety of your premises.

Our guards will be backed up by the assistance of our Mobile Patrol Unit. An important part of security is the ability to call for help when necessary. Our teams work closely to ensure the safety of every job we look after. As a close unit we consistently maintain connectivity between our groups. We care about our employees and support each other accordingly.

The Pros of Hiring a Uniformed Static Guard

  • Visibility: the presence of one of our people will be effective in lowering the chance of any crime occurring.
  • Surveillance: our guys keeping watch for you will reduce any chance of damage to your property.
  • Peace of Mind: with the employment of a static guard you can sleep well knowing your assets are being closely protected under an experienced and watchful eye.
  • Service: Our people pride themselves in the work they do. We learn about your business, get to know your people and are always happy to help in any additional security services you may need.

You will be safe. Under the competent protection of our static guards what you need to be protected will be. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss any questions you may have about security. As experts in our field we are here to help you with a variety of different protection services. Check out what other services we provide here